A Changing of the Guard

After a quiet month of December for the SDSU sports MBA program, the Class of 2014 is scurrying off to our internships this month while the Class of 2015 prepares to arrive on campus for their year immersed in sports business.

Along with that comes a changing of the guard on this blog. The Class of 2015 will now be responsible for providing classroom updates, professor interviews, student of the week interviews and edgy features that blend classroom experiences with real-world sports. Their editors will surely put their own spin on this content with new innovations and interesting features.

As for my class, I’m proud to say many of my classmates have landed awesome internships and jobs. We have students working for teams such as the Sacramento Kings as a partner business manager, the New Orleans Saints/Pelicans in business analytics, the Boston Red Sox and the Boston Celtics; companies such as Wasserman Media Group, CAA and IMG; and schools such as USC, USD (as a football graduate assistant/video coordinator) and Nevada. We even have an El Paso Chihuahuas intern in corporate partnerships, and I’m heading off to Bristol to work a production research internship for ESPN Stats and Info.

I’m confident my classmates and I have some incredible experiences ahead of us in the coming months as we work these internships and write our BA 780 and BA 795 papers. The 780 allows us “to integrate [our] academic work with experience in the community,” whereas the 795 is a culminating project on a topic of our choice related to our internships.

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since I loaded up my car and drove to San Diego to start this program’s adventure. I’ll repeat the advice many alums have given to me by saying it really goes by too quick and incoming students should take advantage of every opportunity in front of them. Although at times it seems the workload will never end, when I got to the end of the year it’s amazing how much I realized I learned.

Perhaps best of all was becoming a community with my fellow classmates. Like any family, we had our squabbles at times, but after experiencing 16 classes together and an international trip to the Dominican Republic, we became more than classmates. I know these bonds will help us as a collective class as we advance in our sports careers.

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