A Day at Niños de la Promesa: Tijuana, Mexico

Last weekend,  Rekha Aramuthu (SMBA ’15) traveled across the Mexican border from San Diego to Tijuanna to volunteer at the Niños de la Promesa orphanage. Here are some Rekha’s experiences from her time at the orpganage:


The children at Niños de la Promesa are able to learn life skills like swimming which are helpful in their future careers.

Over the weekend I visited the orphanage Niños de la Promesa in Tijuana, Mexico.  The unique aspect about Niños de la Promesa is that they have partnered with Out of the Boat, an organization aimed at providing every child the opportunity to learn and excel. As a part of the program, they teach the children skills like how to swim and surf. This not only provides the kids with some form of recreation but also could lead to potential careers in the coast guard, life guard services, and other opportunities using these skills.

In the morning we went to the beach and the kids were extremely thrilled to catch the waves. After  surfing we went to a local taco shop and headed back to the orphanage. There was a pizza party organized by a volunteering group and a live pizza kitchen was set up which got the kids very excited. We watched the pizza man work his skills in awe and got down to some coloring after that.

The rest of the evening was filled with fun and games followed by a movie and popcorn. The girls chose to watch Frozen while the boys watched Captain America. It was fantastic to spend time with the kids and talk to them and learn about their future plans; one boy aspired to be a pilot.

The emphasis of my visit was to understand the needs of the orphanage and to come up with possible solution to try and enhance the lives of the children. After talking to the Director who runs the program I learned that the kids needed help with math tutoring. Before my next visit I will prepare a proposal/module incorporating new teaching methods for children and various activities designed to make the learning experience better and fun for the kids. I will also be identifying other problem areas and propose feasible solutions.