Alex Schulte: A San Diego State Legacy

The fascinating world of NASCAR was revealed by an insider.

Alex Schulte (SMBA Class of 2010), came accompanied by his grandfather, also a proud Aztec, to visit the SMBA ’17 class from Florida with whom he shared his journey through the sports industry.

Alex currently works at International Speedway Corporation (ISC), a company that owns 13 racetracks in the Nascar circuit including the world famous Daytona International Speedway.

Also, he refers to the NASCAR market as one of the most attractive for companies, given that the fans are the most loyal to brands involved and the races are the second most watched sport in television, just under the NFL. They also have over 4 million listeners on live radio.

As the Director of Partnership Sales, Alex imparted his knowledge on how to recruit, sign, and nurture sponsorship deals.  He spoke about the growing and ever-changing demographic of the NASCAR world, and how sponsorships will change with that tide.

Alex outlined the different techniques used to acquire national versus local brands, gave analysis on activations from previous sponsors, and spoke about details of the major and beautiful Daytona track renovation, a project that required a 400 million dollar investment.

Alex’s expertise was energetically appreciated by the SMBA ’17 class, and everyone will be awaiting his return for another visit later in the school year.