Alyse Fram: SMBA ’14 Student of the Week

Alyse FramMya Orr: You were selected as Student of the Week because you have always had such a great work ethic and have taken a leadership role in groups to make sure everything gets done. Where does this hard-working mind set come from?

Alyse Fram: Growing up as an athlete and a member of many teams allowed me to experience a variety of different roles within these teams. I believe this taught me the fundamental dynamics of working in groups and leadership. I learned pretty quickly that commitment is the most important aspect in any group. I think the hard-working mindset is fueled by my competitive nature and coaching background. And to quote a classmate of mine, Dan Penner, “When you have goals and see results, you remain focused on the task at hand and strive to better yourself.”

MO: You worked for a few years in event planning before you started this program. How has your experience at your previous job benefited you here in this program?

AF: I think it has definitely helped me with time management and organization, both of which have helped me tremendously, getting back into the rhythm of school at the beginning of the program. I have always been very organized, but working in the event industry for a few years taught me how crucial logistics are.  Details and procedure have always been very interesting to me and Operations Management was definitely one of my favorite classes. As we learned from Professor Reinig’s favorite book, The Checklist Manifesto, no matter how expert you may be, well-designed checklists can improve outcomes.

MO: We’ve done a lot this year, exciting projects, tours of stadiums, and had some great speakers, what has been your favorite so far?

AF: With so many great guest speakers and interesting projects, I am constantly being intrigued by the on-going experiences this program provides.  If I had to pick one that stood out the most, it would ultimately be shadowing a former Sports MBA graduate, Roberto Castro, for a game-day experience. I like to work behind the scenes and can appreciate the hard work and dedication Roberto puts into the Padres, as an Event Operations Manager. It was incredible to experience the preparation and communication from pre-game to post-game elements.  Also, when we toured PETCO Park earlier this year, I was able to cross another line item off my bucket list, which includes visiting every stadium in Major League Baseball!

MO: What is your ultimate goal for your career after you finish this program?

AF:  It seems to be changing every day.  My ultimate goal is to work in the events industry.  With that being said, there are many facets to the event industry that I find interesting.  Right now, I am focused on getting the most experience I can from all aspects of event operations, whether it is marketing, strategic planning, or execution.  Eventually, I would like to be the Director of Events for an organization that produces events or for a brand.

MO: You have an internship with Adrenaline now. How’s that going, and what’s your role with the organization?

AF: Working with Adrenaline has been a great hands-on experience in which I have had the opportunity to work with many different departments within the company. Adrenaline is an extremely unique and innovative company with tremendous growth in recent years. They are multidimensional in the sports industry with three key categories: wholesale, retail, and events.  Within the organization, I am an intern with the Event Operations department.  These events include professional games, recruiting and club tournaments, all the way down to instructional events.  I am excited to continue the practical learning with a complex and successful start-up while applying concepts we have learned in the classroom.

MO: Lastly, what’s your favorite sports memory?

AF: I would have to say that my overall favorite sports memory was earning a starting spot, as a walk-on, for a Division I school.  The dedication and hard work taught me to never give up and dream big. My workout sneakers are actually customized and stitched with the two words, “Dream Big,” just in case I was ever to forget! On a serious note, not only was my participation as a Division I student-athlete such a great achievement, but it left me with great memories and even better friendships.