Better Know A Faculty: Frank Ryan, Financial Management I and II

Throughout the remainder of the year, the Better Know A Faculty series will shed some extra light on the outstanding faculty of San Diego State’s Sports MBA program. These interviews and stories have been compiled throughout the last few years by various Sports MBA classes. This edition of Better Know A Faculty will feature Frank Ryan, written by Johnny Du, SMBA ’13.
With the NFL under way, who better to showcase in our latest Better Know A Faculty profile than the biggest New York Giants fan we know, Professor Frank Ryan? Frank was our instructor for BA 665: Financial Management I, one of the four core “foundation” courses that kick off the curriculum each year. Although we completed that course in May, we aren’t through with Frank just yet! We will soon welcome him back next semester for the sequel,FIN 617: Financial Management II (interesting course and subject numbering here at SDSU…)
We think that Frank Ryan would disagree with Amani Toomer’s recent scouting report. Just a hunch.

While the Sports MBA program has always been structured to include two semesters of Finance in the spring and fall, this will be the first year in which both classes will be taught by the same instructor, providing continuity in course structure and topic coverage. We look forward to picking up where we left off and hope our finance skills haven’t gotten too rusty! Our first semester introduced us to basic financial concepts like present and future value, dividends, bonds, coupon rates, stock pricing, opportunity cost of capital, diversification and CAPM.

Frank dusted off some years-old caution tape from his garage and brought it in for a live demonstration of stock regression analysis during one class.

An avid cyclist who is not a fan of high-risk, low-reward ventures – he’s talking to you, guy looking down and text messaging while on a skateboard – Frank constantly brings in or mentions real-life examples and application of finance or finance theory. For example, as an ardent opponent of those darn grocery store checkout lines, he used that example to illustrate the idea of diversifying your portfolios (trust me, it makes sense). He even brought in a clip from Modern Family (the episode where Manny is obsessed with a fake stock market game while the family is at Disneyland) to demonstrate that, in most cases, by the time you hear of a tip regarding a stock, it is too late to optimally act because everyone else will have heard the tip, as well. And yes, the Los Angeles Dodgers sale may have been a frequent topic of discussion during the spring semester.

Frank will occasionally venture from Room 206’s front yard to the backyard for a change of pace. Here, he goes over equivalent annual costs.

When he is not teaching or cycling, Frank has served as a consultant on many projects in the San Diego region. As San Diego is a hotbed for the biotechnology sector, it is perhaps not a surprise to find that Frank is currently involved withEtaluma, a Carlsbad-based startup biotechnology company where he currently serves as CFO.

We look forward to welcoming him back on August 21 when Financial Management II officially kicks off. Thanks for answering our questions, Frank!

1) When did you start teaching in the program? How did the opportunity come about?

Started teaching Fall 2011. I took over from Carl Colombo after his untimely passing during the Summer of 2011. Karl was one of the most sincere, nicest guys one could ever meet. He is sorely missed in the finance department.

2) What do you enjoy most about teaching in the Sports MBA program?

I enjoy the buoyant attitude among our students. Our students, by their nature as sports aficionados, have a great energy level. Sports MBA students are open to new concepts and are eager to learn new skills.

3) In your respective course, what are the main takeaway(s) you are hoping the cohort gets (or got, if the course has completed)?

Understand and practice financial decision making and see how it aligns with the goals of the organization in which they will work.

4) Someone walks up, says they have been offered admission into SMBA and asks you “Why should I enroll?” Your response is:

“Just do it!” Followed by, “Talk to our alumni and you’ll see why.”

5) Your (hopefully inspirational and uplifting) sports movie of choice is…? Because…?

Super Bowl 42 replay. Followed by Super Bowl 21 replay and Super Bowl 46 replay. I was at 21 and 42, rooting for the winners of those games. [Editor’s Note: Get 46 on iTunes!]

I really liked Jerry Maguire. “Show me the money!” is a finance anthem.

But the best sports movie of all has to be Rocky. It was inspirational and released during tough economic times when Americans needed to remind themselves of what they are capable of.

“Getting strong now…”

Rocky Balboa – Getting strong now – HD 720p