Claire Kooperman (SMBA ’15): Digital Marketing Coordinator at Injinji® Teaches WordPress Basics

On Tuesday, the 2016 cohort was visited by Claire Kooperman from the Class of 2015.

Claire stopped by to discuss the SDSU Sports MBA Blog, WordPress Basics, and the importance of Google Analytics at her current position as Digital Marketing Coordinator at Injinji®. We appreciate all the help and support Claire offered us, especially because she was in our shoes only a few months ago.

About Injinji

Performing since 1999, Injinji is a sock company dedicated to the health and performance of feet. We believe Injinji socks can truly benefit people in every athletic pursuitand make the journey of life a bit more comfortable for everyone. For us, starting from the ground up just makes sense since our feet play such a vital role in almost everything we do.

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