Class of 2014 Graduates as Current Cohort Departs for DR

graduationAnother year wrapped up for San Diego State’s Sports MBA program as the ninth cohort graduated this weekend. Returning to San Diego after being spread across the states for the last six months to complete their final internship and projects, the class of 2014 was reunited Saturday to take its last steps together and cross the stage to receive their MBA degrees.

After a quick 18 months, the students are now sports business professionals, with many of their internships landing them full time positions such as with the Boston Red Sox, Sacramento Kings, ESPN, USC, University of Nevada and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathons.

Lastly, a special congratulations to class Valedictorian Patrick Coghlan, Professor of the Year Dr. Bruce Reinig and Alumnus of the Year Graham Siderius (SMBA ’07).

Meanwhile, the class of ’15 departs today for a week-long trip to the Dominican Republic to meet with MLB executives, participate in service projects and become familiar with the baseball industry in the DR – including player development operations, academy management and challenges and the impact of baseball on globalization.

Again, congratulations to each member of the Class 2014. The current cohort will do its best to continue the program’s legacy this week in the DR.

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