Co-Student of the Week for 1/29 – Double Aztec Ryan Lieu (SMBA ’19)

By Ryan Lieu (SMBA ’19)

Student of the Week Blog – January 29, 2017

It was an honor being named by my peers as a co-student of the week, during our second week of classes! The program has been moving extremely quickly and everyone is doing a phenomenal job at keeping up with the classwork and networking events. I look forward to our group work assignments because everyone has a unique perspective that can lead to some out of the box thinking!

Hometown: San Carlos, CA

Favorite Sports Teams: San Francisco Giants, Golden State Warriors, San Jose Sharks

Favorite Sports to Play: Tennis, Golf, Basketball

Favorite Sporting Event Attended: SAP Open, US Open, Any Warriors/Giants game

Favorite Sports Movie: The Rookie

Favorite Sports Quote: “What makes something special is not what you have to gain, but you feel there is to lose.” –Andre Agassi

What Made you choose SDSU Sports MBA: I chose SDSU Sports MBA because I needed to learn the business skills necessary to continue building the first Collegiate level Adapted Athletics program here at San Diego State University. The amount of resources the Sports MBA program offers provides a great base of support to continue moving forward.

What do you hope to achieve as a student in this program? I want to build up my network/business skills necessary for running an Adapted Athletics Program. Finding the right balance between the classroom and entrepreneurial skills will be difficult, however I want to walk that fine line and maximize both.

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