Doha GOALS – Memorable Quotes


by Larry Tieu (SMBA ’16)

A group of us from the SDSU Sports MBA class of 2016 were given the great opportunity to attend Doha GOALS Forum hosted by Aspire of Qatar. This year, the 2015 Doha GOALS Forum took place in Los Angeles, California alongside the opening weekend of the 2015 Special Olympics World Games.  GOALS stands for Gathering Of All Leaders in Sport, and the conference aimed to promote and discuss social initiatives though the platform and context of sports.

Sports MBA students (l to r) Larry Tieu (SMBA ’16), Alex Lichtig (SMBA ’16), Andrés Ehrli (SMBA ’16), Joaquín Rodriguez (SMBA ’16), Ian Jaray (SMBA ’16), and Rekha Aramuthu (SMBA ’15).

Various topics ranging from empowerment of women through sport, philanthropy, and helping athletes with life after sport, were covered. Such athletes included: Mark Spitz, Michael Phelps, Carl Lewis, Abby Wambach, Yuna Kim, and countless other highly successful athletes and Olympians spoke on various topics and interviews.

However, it wasn’t all business all the time; Doha GOALS provided various activities for the participants that included:

1. Welcome Soccer Tournament (Team SDSU Sports MBA took 2nd place!)

2. Special Olympics Opening Ceremony

3. Networking Mixer at Lucky Strike (bowling alley/restaurant)

4. Gala Dinner at Universal Studios

Tune in throughout the next few days as we will cover the top speakers and their quotes, as well as in-depth analysis of some of the task forces and events.


Special Olympics Chairman Timothy Shriver (left) interviews a panel of athletes and activists in the Doha GOALS opening panel.

With presentations from elite athletes and sports industry leaders, the GOALS Conference left the attendees with many memorable quotes. Here are seven that stood out:

1. ¨The message of this forum is yes you are good. Not only are you good, you are awesome. Everybody is awesome.¨

-Timothy Shriver (Chairman, Special Olympics)

2. “I have a platform, I have a responsibility. What I do with the platform defines who I am as a person”

-Michael Phelps

3. “How we can transition and transcend this into positively impacting sports through whether it’s social change or economic change”

-Abby Wambach (American soccer player, coach, two-time Olympic gold medalist, 2015 World Cup champion, and the 2012 FIFA World Player of the Year)

4. “I thought it would be important to show the kids from my neighborhood that they could go where I’ve gone to, that they could make a life for themselves.”

-Cafu (Brazilian professional footballer. He is the most internationally capped male Brazilian player and the only player to have appeared in three World Cup finals, winning two, 1994 and 2002.)

5. “People think I’m old school. I think I’m the real school. Leave your phone in the locker room and commit to training…The earlier you learn how difficult it is to be successful, the better.”

-Carl Lewis (American former track and field athlete, who won 10 Olympic medals, including nine gold, and 10 World Championships medals, including eight gold)

6. “At some level, if you’re going to be a professional athlete, you have an element of dysfunction.”

-Jamal Masburn (retired American professional basketball player and entrepreneur)

7. “The ‘next step’ for MLS is to get near kind of lucrative TV rights deals that Big Five sports get”

-Chris Klein (President of LA Galaxy, former soccer player)