Fall Networking Week Perspective – Tuesday: Alex West

The final week of August marks the 2015 edition of Fall Networking Week for San Diego State SMBA candidates. Alex West (SMBA ’15) writes about his experience so far spending the week in New York City and Connecticut.


The best networking advice I have received since moving to San Diego in January was “Travel to the job. Don’t expect the job to come to you.” I can’t remember who said this to me, but I thought it was very sound advice. As someone interested in pursuing a career in digital media in sports television, I decided for networking week I would head to the sports media capital of the world: New York City. Digital media and analytics are two of the most rapidly developing areas in sports. While I have been active in San Diego and in Los Angeles, I knew that being able to do the same kind of networking in the northeast would be valuable to develop a stronger understanding about the digital media industry and where someone with an MBA could add value. In order to make this networking week prouctive, I wanted to make sure that I was able to talk to people at major media companies like ESPN and NBC, as well as other industry experts in and around New York City. While it’s only Tuesday, traveling to New York has been productive and I have already had several great conversations with people who understand the digital landscape in the sports industry.

But, it’s not just these conversations that have left me impressed. It is how I was introduced to some of these outstanding a brilliant industry experts that is why I’m writing this blog post. Networking was something that we have been talking about and has been stressed to us since day one of SMBA in January that has impressed me the most so far. Once I found out that we would have a fall networking week, I knew I needed to reach out to the SMBA alumni on the east coast. While most of the alumni I had previously not met, the responses I received from everyone I reached out to were all tremendously helpful and provided me with some great insight and advice on how to approach this networking week.

Networking is a tough task. However, the experience of making the cross country trek and making connections with SDSU alumni and other professionals in the sports industry I believe has been beneficial for me. I’m looking forward to continuing to develop the relationships that will be formed during this networking trip into the future.

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