Fall Networking Week Perspective – Friday: Michelle Alipio

The final week of August marks the 2015 edition of Fall Networking Week for San Diego State SMBA candidates. Michelle Alipio (SMBA ’15) took advantage of some of her old networking connections in Southern California and Seattle, Washington.


“It’s all about who you know.” This was a phrase I heard throughout my time at college, working, and now at San Diego State. I never really knew what it meant assuming that a friend of yours will be able to get you that dream job with a sports organization. In my short time so far in the SMBA program, I have come to realize that this phrase means to build a network of people relevant to the sports industry. It’s an opportunity to build a network of resources for the present and future because you never know when you need to reach out to your network such as a job referral, ticket software recommendation or information about one of the team’s promotions. But remember, a network is more than just a wealth of resources to pick from. You have to contribute to the network helping the people you know. 

So I spent my networking week reconnecting with past contacts from my time at college and work as well as meeting new people who work in ticket sales. With contacts that I have previously met, I look to continue those relationships catching up with old friends and co-workers. These relationships are always a work in progress. As for the people on my list that I plan to meet, I look to find out what their story is. How they started a career working in sports and what their current role and responsibilities are at their current team. I want to find out what the current trends are in ticketing so that I’m ready to re-enter the workforce after my time in the SMBA program.

To sum it all up in the combined words of my networking this far, use this time to network and to learn. This week spending time outside of the classroom meeting people in the industry is as valuable as the time spent inside the classroom learning the core academic topics.

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