Fall Networking Week Perspective – Monday: Kimberly Ferrer

The final week of August marks the 2015 edition of Fall Networking Week for San Diego State SMBA candidates. Kimberly Ferrer (SMBA ’15) writes about what she is looking forward to during her time networking this upcoming week in Boston.
With the fall quickly approaching for SMBA ’15, today begins Fall Networking Week for the cohort. With a week free of classes, students have selected to travel to Florida, New York, Canada, Boston, and Seattle to network with individuals within the sporting industry. This week is dedicated to meeting, discussing, and networking with individuals from the different sports teams/companies/organizations in which they would like to land a potential internship to complete our 795 projects (thesis).

I will spend this week in Boston networking with individuals fulfilling the roles of marketing, event management, fan relations, and sponsorships with the Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins, and Fenway Sports Management. We refer to these networking opportunities as “informational interviews” so that we can learn and gain information from those professionals currently working in the industry similar to our desired career path and goals.

Similar to the rest of the cohort, I am looking for advice and insights on achieving success and recognition in such roles within the sports industry, day-to-day operations and activities in serving in the position, and each individuals path that led them to become a professional in the sports industry, among much more. The idea is to learn from those that know the industry best and later apply their best practices to help us succeed in the industry as well upon completion of the SMBA program in 2015.
The general idea—regardless of where you are, whether in-person or a quick over-the-phone conversation—is to Network Network Network!

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