Fall Networking Week Perspective – Wednesday: Sarah Nollner

The final week of August marks the 2015 edition of Fall Networking Week for San Diego State SMBA candidates. Sarah Nollner (SMBA ’15) took some time to network in areas where she has family in Dallas, Texas and her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.


Going to school in San Diego, I haven’t had many chances to go home to see my family since January. This week, I am lucky to travel home to see my family in Louisville as well as to Dallas at the end of the week for my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary. However, the purpose of our time off was for networking, so I knew that as great as it was to spend some much needed time with my family, I also would take these as opportunities to network with a variety of different sports professionals in both of these cities.

Being interested in working in the soccer industry, it caught my attention when it was announced that Orlando City SC was moving to Lousiville for the start of the 2015 season. I made it a priority to reach out to the new president of Louisville City FC and set up a meeting for this past Monday. Working with the Xolos de Tijuana while I’m in San Diego has given me great experience in the industry and allowed me to have a productive conversation with the new club in Louisville.

Later in the week I’m traveling down to Dallas. I’m excited to spend more time with my family, but I also have set aside plenty of time to network with the various professional teams throughout the city. Since I knew that I would be traveling to the city when networking week was announced, I have been working hard to find individuals to reach out to who work for the Dallas Mavericks, FC Dallas, Texas Rangers, as well as Learfield Sports which is headquartered in Dallas. After working hard researching these sports organizations, it has been rewarding to actually meet with these individuals and gain insight into their field of work. I have been excited to improve my networking abilities and meet with  many different people throughout this week. As our class works hard continuing our search for our required internships, I have been spending time researching opportunities all over the country. This networking week has given me a chance to see what it’s like in various different markets around the country and showed me what it takes to land job in the sports industry in cities like Louisville and Dallas.