Fall Networking Week Perspective – Thursday: Daniel Cabral

The final week of August marks the 2015 edition of Fall Networking Week for San Diego State SMBA candidates. Daniel Cabral (SMBA ’15) traveled to Florida in order to seek out professionals in the sports industry are managers in sales.


At the beginning of the year I was unclear what was my best fit in the sport industry. However with the help of some guest speakers and some informational interviews I figured out that sales is the area I should work with. I have previous experience in the area and that certainly contributed to my decision. I decided to look for positions in two departments: corporate partnerships and ticket sales.

Dolphins Marlinsheat magic  Orlando fc

I travelled to Florida during networking week because it seemed like a good fit based on the demographics and my goal to work in one of the professional leagues’. Florida has a big Latino and Brazilian population, so it was naturally appealing to me. I focused my efforts to talk with the Dolphins, Heat and Marlins in Miami, Orlando City SC and Magic in Orlando. I reached out and set up meetings to talk with the managers in sales and similar departments to learn more about each organization.

The network week started much earlier than this week. I tried to make contact with people on LinkedIn, e-mail or telephone as soon as I found out we would have time off from school to travel for networking. As a result I was able to schedule some interviews with those teams and most of the professionals were willing to help me to reach my goals. There is more work to be done in the next weeks, however the network week was really productive and great opportunities are open in the future with those teams.


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