Food For Thought – Brown Bag Lunch Series

The academic year for SMBA ’15 is off to a rushing start, with a calendar full of classes, tests, guest speakers, case studies, volunteer events, and internship opportunities.  We could easily become so busy that we forget what guided us all to this program in the first place – our passion for sports.

In an effort to stay actively connected to the business of sports and current issues, we are starting a Brown Bag Lunch Series.  Open discussions will be held in our classroom, once a week, over our lunch break.  The topics will be posted ahead of time, with a discussion synopsis to follow.

We would like to invite SDSU Faculty, SMBA Alumni, friends of the program, or anyone interested in the business of sports to suggest topics and chime in on the blog posts.  We welcome all forms of productive interaction and appreciate you sharing your guidance, expertise and opinions in order to enhance our conversations and learning experience.

The topic for the first week: Olympics Review

Possible sub topics include, but are not limited to: injuries to professional athletes (hockey), perceptions of judging bias (figure skating), rising stars in unconventional sports, effect of media coverage and evaluation of NBC’s programming decisions, overshadowing of important World News for the time period of the games, and whatever else you might suggest.

Thanks for your time and your interest.  We are looking forward to an enlightening series.



While our conversation was light and limited due to time restraints and jello brain (directly after a statistics mid-term), we discussed the notion that sports, especially the Olympics, can really be used as a smoke screen for major world news.  The entire time that the Olympics were going on in Russia, political and economical unrest was stirring less than three hundred miles away in Ukraine.  Within days of the end of the Olympics, Russia used military force and invaded the Crimean Peninsula, claiming to be protecting Russian interests in the area, even though Crimea is actively trying to separate from the Ukraine and the battle had been between the lawmakers in Kiev and the Crimean people.  Now the UN, Great Brittain and the United States are all involved with a stand-off warning Russia to back down from their invasion tactics.  We have a difficult time believing this was a reactive movement by Russia. The thought consensus was more on the idea that Russia was planning their military movement and used the smoke screen of the Olympics as a distraction to a well laid out plan to control more interests in the Black Sea.  Now with the Paralympics set to start this weekend, will the games even be sustainable with many countries issuing travel warnings to their athletes?

Stay tuned for the announcement of next week’s topic.