Give this guy an A

It was a matter of time before Daniel Margolin claimed back Tez and the front row seat as the Student of the Week.

The Mexico City native clinched our class’s award for the second time this year in recognition for being one of the most powerful resources in terms of knowledge for our cohort. His experience as a business consultant for Accenture has proved valuable in grad school and his analytical thinking has astonished us more than once.

His best feature is his willingness to share everything he knows, from Finance to Excel and even a very helpful Power Point class to improve the quality of our presentations. If that wasn’t enough, Daniel saved the day during Dr. Reinig’s class when Excel stopped working in the middle of the lecture.

In this last months of in-class work, Daniel is hands on in an analytics business club as well as pursuing a career in a baseball team front office, his passion since childhood, as he himself was a competitive pitcher for Mexico’s National Team. Thank you, Daniel!