Internship at Competitor Group: Earning Valuable Experience

Jeff Shin (SMBA ’15) has been working hard at his internship at Competitor Group, Inc. in San Diego since the spring of 2014. He took some time to write about how his work has progressed with Competitor Group and what he is looking towards into the future.


Some of my classmates came to the program with a specific goal, knowing exactly what sport and/or type of role they wished to pursue. I thought I belonged to that group initially, but, the more I learned in class and from our guest speakers, I quickly realized otherwise. The Sports MBA program at San Diego State exposes you to so many different ways to work in the sports industry, and I found myself interested in fields I had not previously considered. My volunteering and internship experiences have redirected my focus to the pursuit of a career in corporate partnerships, an area I never knew I would be fascinated by.

Because I came to the program without a business background, I was eager to gain experience in an established organization with strong brand equity. I was excited to learn of opportunities available at Competitor Group, Inc. (CGI) in San Diego, where I have been interning since the spring. I’m thrilled to be learning about corporate partnerships under an amazing group of people at CGI and have significantly added to my skills portfolio.

For the first six months at CGI, I worked as an intern in the partnership marketing department. My primary duties included managing recaps for partnership benefits, preparing activation elements for races, prospecting new partners, and researching new activations, including pricing. I had the privilege of working the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon San Diego in June, where I was able to meet and work alongside many of our sponsors. I helped with the fulfillment of sponsor benefits, which included making site visits to activations along the course.

My internship with the partnership marketing group has provided me with invaluable experience that I will definitely apply to my future career.  After the program, my goal is to work in corporate partnership sales.  I’m happy to continue my stay at a top notch organization like CGI, as I’ve just begun a new opportunity supporting the partnership sales department. I believe that my education and internships have positioned me very well for my ideal role in the sports industry.