Jade Borella: SMBA ’14 Student of the Week

Jade BorellaKaran Popli: You moved here from Australia, how did you hear about the program, what made you choose this program and move to another country?

Jade Borella: Google! I looked at a few different programs, including a couple in my hometown Melbourne, but ultimately decided that this one was right for me. A big bonus was that I could come over here, study for 12 months, then head home and start working again.

KP: You worked for 12 years before moving here to pursue your MBA. What were some of the biggest challenges you faced coming back to school and how did you overcome them?

JB: Homesickness was probably the biggest challenge for me. I love to travel but have never lived abroad before, so it took me a couple of months to feel comfortable living here. Being back at school also took some getting used to. I hadn’t studied for more than a decade, so was definitely out of practice. I can tell you, my memory isn’t what it used to be!

KP: Prior to coming to San Diego, you worked with Athletics Victoria. What did you do there and what are some of the skills you have learned in the MBA program that you wish you would have used while working with Athletics Victoria?

JB: Athletics Victoria is the governing body for track and field, cross country and road racing in Victoria, Australia. I spent about 12 years there and had five or six different roles during that time. I started as Office Manager, spent about five years in event operations, and finished as the Commercial Operations Manager. I feel really lucky to have had the opportunity to work there – I was given a lot of freedom to develop my skills and learned so much.

The skills we learned in Operations Management definitely would have come in handy working at Athletics Victoria. We sold a lot of merchandise, so knowing what I know now about forecasting sales, etc., definitely would have been valuable.

Jade Crib SheetKP: Our finance professor, Frank Ryan referred to your crib sheet as a piece of art. Could you please let us know what’s the secret behind this artwork ?

JB: My crib sheets are works of art … color and movement! I spend a substantial amount of time on my crib sheets because I really find putting them together helps me to learn the key concepts. As I said earlier, my memory isn’t what it used to be!

KP: What was your favorite experience, guest speaker or project thus far?

JB: We have had so many guest speakers, so it is hard to single out just one. I really enjoyed listening to Coach Fisher when Dr. Lackritz arranged for him to come talk to the class. I knew very little about his career success beforehand, but appreciated his advice on ethics, constantly learning, listening to others, and also the importance of family.

KP: Any suggestions/tips you would like to give to any student who plans to go back to school after being in the workforce?

JB: I would definitely recommend taking refresher classes to any prospective student who has been in the workforce for a substantial amount of time, or for those who don’t have a business background or degree. Honestly, I wish I had taken a few classes before the program, especially in statistics and accounting – subjects I hadn’t studied since the ‘90’s!