Juggling school and two jobs

Work is a strong word for Mandy Chatigny. The San Bernardino, California, native was extremely hands on during the school year and even before the end of the school course she was already involved with two great companies in terms of sports events and sponsorships. Check out all the cool things Mandy is doing in preparation for an even more successful 2017!

Mandy Chatigny


What are you working on now that the program has ended?

I am currently working as the Marketing Coordinator for Learfield with Aztec Sports Properties here on campus, as well as the Special Events Intern for the Century Club of San Diego, a non-profit that puts on the Farmers Insurance Open every year.

How did you start working with these two companies?

Back in January, I met Michelle Eifler, my current boss while volunteering at the 2016 Farmers Insurance Open with my fellow classmates. We hit it off and kept in touch throughout the year. When we met up for coffee this past June, she said she was looking for an intern and invited me to apply for the job. She interviewed me and offered me the position a few weeks later.When my current boss from Learfield, Jeff Bolitho came in to speak to the class regarding internships for the upcoming football season, I was encouraged by our director Scott Minto, as well as an alum to take the position. Once I did, I learned that Learfield had an opening for a Marketing Coordinator and I applied for that as well. The timing worked out perfectly, as I was able to move into my Coordinator position just as the football season was ending and basketball was starting.I actually started at both companies within one week of each other, and thankfully my bosses are well acquainted and agreed to set up a schedule so that I could work for both companies while finishing up school.

How hard was to work and finish the program at the same time?

It was definitely a challenge, and I credit my fantastic group members, classmates, teachers, director and bosses for helping me to get through it. Everyone was incredibly accommodating and understanding and worked around my schedule whenever possible. I am fortunate to have found so many incredible people to work with, at Learfield, Century Club, and of course within my SMBA family.

What do you aspire to accomplish after these six months?

In the next six months, I am looking forward to learning about sponsorship from two different perspectives. On the one hand, Learfield sells partnerships for the entire year, across multiple sports and markets to a student and alumni audience. This presents unique challenges and opportunities that can really only be found in a college atmosphere. On the other, Century Club has an entirely different task of planning for a huge four day tournament that in the past has hosted some of the biggest stars on the planet (Tiger Woods anyone?). The logistics that go into coordinating this type of event are mind blowing and the staff at the Century Club work tirelessly to put on an amazing tournament that gives back to the community and showcases this beautiful city in an extraordinary way.

What skills learned during this program have been more helpful to fulfill your responsibilities in these jobs?

The skills that have been most helpful to me this far are the ones that got me through the program to begin with- time management and organization. I have to be extremely diligent with the way I spend my time at each job, as there is always more work to do. I am also lucky that our class was exposed to many different programs throughout the year, as I am now able to adapt to new ones no matter where I am working. I am excited to now be learning Salesforce and KORE, which are both used extensively in the industry. I use Excel on a consistent basis, and spend a decent chunk of my time building out spreadsheets and compiling and organizing data at both of my positions.