Kate Bartkiewicz: Intro to Jobs in Analytics

This week SMBA’18 had the pleasure of hearing from program alumna Kate Bartkiewicz (SMBA ’12), Co-Founder of Clickvoyant and Digital Analytics Consultant/Owner of DigData, for an introductory lecture entitled “Jobs in Analytics.”

Kate shared with the class that being able to differentiate yourself is key in the industry and that one way to do this is to have an inquisitive mindset. She explained that great analysts ask questions about behaviors, and that asking many questions will often unlock the answers from the data presented. Furthermore, Kate mentioned another key skill to make one stand out is to communicate clearly. Making things simple allows the information to stick with those to whom you are presenting, and improving upon PowerPoint skills will help make this happen.

Mastering these two key concepts while having the technical skills to clean the data and using a foundation in Statistics to practice these concepts will be advantageous to someone breaking into the field of data analytics. Other points of advice from Kate are to keep asking “why?” after you think you have reached a conclusion, and to always keep whatever it is you are trying to understand in mind because it is not about the data point itself; rather, it is about the customer and what they are trying to accomplish.

We are looking forward to hearing more from Kate throughout the year and to participating in her tutorial on the KNIME analytics platform.