Learning From Young Professionals of Golf Marketing

Sports MBA student, Brandon Ynayan, had the opportunity to hear from Pascal Stolz, a longtime marketing executive who is currently the VP of Marketing and Sales for Roll & Chaiken Enterprises. Pascal’s former titles include: VP Worldwide Consumer Marketing at Cobra Golf, Worldwide Managing Director at Microsoft, and board member of Marketing Communications Executives International. It is important to note that Pascal is a graduate of the SDSU MBA program, graduating with a degree in Marketing in 1988.

Pascal spoke specifically about the importance of targeting digital marketing towards the consumer. He introduced the need for businesses to understand the buyer journey and emphasized the importance of listing out key objectives to monitor measurable goals. Pascal spoke as part of a meetup series presented by The Young Professionals of Golf Marketing group, a San Diego-based group of young professionals working in the golf industry.

This was YPOGM’s sixth official gathering at Goat Hill Park in Oceanside. The group, started by Christina Lumsden, marketing manager at Carlsbad Golf Center, hopes to help create relationships within the industry and grow the game among a new generation of golfers. This truly was a one of a kind experience, that allows students to learn about the golf industry and how to market the sport going forward.  After the presentation, attendees were able to play the golf course known as “The Goat” and learn about the history of the course and its close ties to the community.

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