Logan Irons: SMBA ’14 Student of the Week

Editor’s Note: Each week we publish an interview with the SMBA ’14 Student of the Week. The winner of the Student of the Week (awarded by the previous winner) sits in the front row of class and proudly displays a flag of his or her choice on the famous Tez statue. Logan Irons won Student of the Week for his effort, attitude, and willingness to help out fellow classmates. He’s also the only person who can make Blake look small in a picture.

Logan IronsBlake Nahlen: Congratulations Logan on being awarded Student of the Week. What drives your tremendous work ethic?

Logan Irons: I learned my work ethic from my parents. My mother earned her college degree while also working full time and raising a family, and my dad has always modeled what it means to work hard to achieve your goals.

BN: Before the program you were “earning your keep” as a teacher and coach up north. Could you tell us a little more about your time up there?

LI: I was blessed with the opportunity to teach history and coach football and basketball at Moreau Catholic High School in Hayward, California. I enjoyed having a daily impact on the lives of others, but I felt I needed to go back to school and earn my graduate degree.

BN: This program is an encore for you as you are the only student from our cohort to have received an undergraduate degree at SDSU, and you also played football here. Tell us about what you learned about being a student-athlete.

LI: As one of three people in our class to participate in intercollegiate athletics — the others being Samantha Berenter (Indiana softball) and Patrick Coghlan (Purdue baseball) — I would say that participation in a sports team helps teach you about teamwork, hard work, accountability and responsibility. On an individual level it helps you better balance your time because you have so many commitments to juggle.

BN: How has the return trip treated you so far? What has been your favorite aspect of this program?

LI: Though some prior Students of the Week would point to our trip to the Dominican Republic, I have enjoyed how the classes have projects that give us an opportunity to solve problems for a sports organization and gain the experience of presenting our solution directly to the organization. So far this year we have made a licensing and merchandising presentation to the USFL, a targeted social media marketing presentation to the Anaheim Ducks and we are starting a market research project for the Tijuana Xolos.

BN: Where do you see yourself ending up after our time in the classroom? Do you have any particular career ambitions at this time?

LI: My ultimate career goal is to be the Director of Football Operations at a Division I university. I know that will take a lot of time earning my way up the ladder, but I strongly believe this program has helped prepare me for this journey.

BN: Clam chowder in a bread bowl at the Wharf or California burrito at the beach?

LI: I knew you would hit me with a hard either/or question. Just because I haven’t had it recently, I’ll have to say clam chowder in a bread bowl at the Wharf.