Matt Hiler (SMBA ’10) visits SMBA 16

This past Monday, our Cohort was pleased to welcome back our Sports MBA Alumni Matt Hiler.  Prior to his transition to San Diego, Matt’s journey began as a student from William Mitchell School of Law, where he had a career turning point and decided to pursue his calling in Sports by attending our own SDSU Sports MBA program.  While attending classes, Matt was able to find his entry into the sports industry by working for Skinit Inc. and their legal branch of the Licensing department.  Matt’s career then excelled as he attained various positions from Manager of Sport Brands, Director of Licensing, to Director of Business Development at Skinit.  After five years of great contribution, our Alum decided to move on and further elevate his career.

Currently, Matt works as an Executive of Business Development for Teamwork Athletic Apparel.  During his visit, he provided great insight on what it takes to create, negotiate, and execute business initiatives for his company.  Whether its sales generation, building a lead pipeline, or integrating multiple partnerships, Matt’s daily objectives are never ending and his efforts have led him to the great career in Sports he always dreamed of.  At this point in time, Matt is in charge of proving this well-known business to over 100 colleges, with the ultimate goal of growing the brand nationwide.  Apart from his work, his position also provides amazing extracurricular experiences like attending NFL Superbowls and All-Star weekends for the big four leagues due to his close business relationships and immense network.  With such excitement and reward for his endeavors, Matt is a living example of what is possible if you focus, work hard, and stay humble in whatever career path you choose.

On behalf of the SMBA 2016 class, we want to thank Matt for coming in and giving us a glimpse of what it takes to be successful in the Sports world.  We wish him the best of luck with his new position at Teamwork Athletic Apparel and hope to mirror his success upon our individual journeys.  Much appreciated Matt!