Mike Warkentin (SMBA ’13), the Venue Manager of Rexall Place, visits SMBA 16

Mike Warkentin, an alum from the Class of 2013, visited our class a few days ago. While here, he spoke about his job as the venue manager at Rexall Place at Northlands in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Warkentin climbed the ladder very quickly going from Event Representative to Event and Venue Contractor to where he is today as the Venue Manager all in the span of about a year.

He explained the nature of venue management and the versatility that sets it apart from all the other segments of the sports industry. Warkentin’s job not only involves putting on sporting events and concerts; he also needs a high level of understanding of business analytics, logistics, strategy, and forecast modeling. This reinforces his point of versatility being very important, and also emphasizes the importance and real world applications of classroom materials.

Besides his career, Warkentin also touched on the best practices needed to flourish the way that he did at such a young age in the sports industry. He emphasized the importance of networking, being professional with the way one dresses to the way one keeps his facial hair, and overall outside of the box thinking. It is alumni like Warkentin that contribute to the diversity and prestige that represent SDSU Sports MBA.