Mya Orr: SMBA ’14 Student of the Week

Walter Franco: You are one of the youngest students in the program, yet you have stood out as a self-starter and always have a great attitude. To what do you owe these strengths?

Mya Orr: I faced some difficult and eye-opening experiences when I was younger that made me realize that not everyone gets the opportunity or even has the ability to go after what they want. That situation caused me to always have a smile on my face and try to take full advantage of every opportunity I get. The thought of knowing I could have done something but I didn’t is what motivates me to work harder whenever possible. Mya Orr

WF: We have four classes left before we begin our consultancy period. What class have you learned from the most and how will it help you moving forward?

MO: I’ve learned a lot from every class that we have taken. The two classes that I probably learned the most from were marketing and licensing. Having a more quantitative background, these classes exposed me to something different and taught me a lot. Every class has changed the way I look at sports and sports business, but I can say that learning about sponsorship is something that I can’t go to a game and not notice. When I start interning or working full-time, I’m certain knowing what I learned in these classes will be very beneficial in any job that I have.

WF: Potential SDSU Sports MBA students are currently applying for the program and will begin classes in late January of 2014. What words of wisdom do you have for those either applying or thinking about applying?

MO: My words of advice for potential candidates of the sports MBA program is to reach out to the program and learn about it before you apply. Don’t apply because you love sports, apply because you want to put in the effort to work in sports. And once you get in, if you don’t have experience in Microsoft Excel, take a quick overview course.

WF: We recently had Alumni Week and met with more than 20 former students who are excelling in their respective careers. What were some of the key takeaways for you?

MO: The biggest thing that I took away from Alumni Week is something that I’ve heard a lot, but it became cemented in my mind. That’s the power of networking. Not only did I pick up on the power of networking, but Alumni Week really helped me fine tune my networking skills. I have been trying to figure out the perfect way to reach out to different people, whether I already have connections with them or I’m trying to get connections and most of the alumni talked about different ways to make those connections. I also took away that networking doesn’t stop once you get a job, you have to always continue networking. Even if it’s just keeping in touch or getting advice for your job, just continuously keep in touch with your contacts.

WF: What’s your prediction for Kansas (Mya’s undergraduate school) and San Diego State football this season?

MO: I hope that KU has an amazing season! They won their first game, so as long as they win another, they’re already doing better than last season. I have faith that KU is going to do well. I hear they’ve been working hard, and with it being coach Weis’ second season I think things are going to be better this year. I haven’t really followed SDSU football until I got here. They’re off to a rough start, but OSU was a tough opponent for them. Looking at how they did last year, I think they’ll be pretty successful again.