‘Next Generation’ Fitness: The Strength Matters Summit in San Diego

By Grace Morgan and Chelsea Coddington

The Strength Matters Summit landed in San Diego this past weekend to equip fitness professionals with informative tools on how to take their careers to the next level, whether they are trainers, competitors or gym owners. The seminar featured 14 industry experts who covered topics on how to obtain new clientele, evaluate beginners, and provide effective fitness coaching. SMBA ‘17 students Chelsea Coddington and Grace Morgan joined the seminar crew as volunteers for the three days of intense health and fitness advice for instructors whose business is physical conditioning.

SMBA ’17 Volunteers
Throughout the three days of intense exercise education, Coddington and Morgan supported the Strength Matters team by managing the conference check-in and information desk, distributing marketing and informational materials, and collaborating with the event’s social media coverage. While helping direct and answer questions for attendees and speakers alike, the SMBA students had enormous opportunities to connect with industry leaders and serious fitness entrepreneurs. They were also able to listen in on the summit’s speeches which were delivered by heavy-hitters such as the Winner of the 2007 Crossfit Games, and OPEX founder, James Fitzgerald. Olympic weightlifting coach Dan John, sponsorship consultant Vickie Saunders, and “Iron Tamer” Dave Whitley were also among the savvy speakers who filled out the summit agenda. Each speaker left the audience with three main points that Strength Matters strived to communicate this weekend: (1) Get Inspired, (2) Make Connections, (3) Grow Your Business.

The event’s success was revealing of how the fitness industry is becoming increasingly conscious of the need for solid business strategies in order to keep the gym doors open and thriving. While enthusiasm for CrossFit, Strength and Conditioning programs, and other fitness practices increases worldwide, Strength Matters is committed to bringing information on the best business practices and health science to the fitness community. The Strength Matters team is heading to the east coast for its next workshop which is planned for June 17 through 19 in New York City. Those unable to attend in person can still find valuable resources in Strength Matters’ monthly magazine and its official podcast with Josh and Seb.
CEO and founder of Strength Matters, James Breese said he specifically invited each of the speakers because they all exhibited the core values of the organization: Humility, Excellence and Respect. Thanks to the successful summit in San Diego, these values have spread deeper in the fitness community.

Ready to welcome attendees to the Strength Matters Summit in San Diego