O Canada! Nick Loewen Named Student of the Week

According to our Student of the Week, 2/3 of the entire world’s maple syrup supply is produced in Québec.  Nick constantly wins best dressed in this class, as he dons a suit daily. Before coming to the Sports MBA program, Nick played professional basketball in Spain for two years.

Read on to learn more about our neighbor to the North:

Hometown: Winnipeg, Canada

Undergraduate College: Mount Royal University (Calgary)

Favorite sport to play: Basketball, Hockey is a close 2nd though…

Favorite Sports Movie: Rudy or Caddyshack

Why SDSU Sports MBA:The combination of a great education, unrivaled hands-on industry experience, and a chance to get out of the snowy desert that I came from were the main reasons.  The opportunity to pursue my career goals while being with like-minded people every day has been one of the most rewarding aspects though.

Favorite class so far: Sports Marketing

Fun fact about you: I’ve done the 4 day hike to Machu Picchu

Best out of the classroom activity so far: Shaper Studios visit – it was pretty inspiring to hear from a recent graduate of this very program and see just how passionate and successful they’ve been in their venture; especially considering it’s in the action sports industry and not in one of the typical big four.

Another Fun Fact: Canada has an ‘Apology Act’ worked into its laws – which states that ‘Sorry’ is not an expression of guilt or admission but a sign of empathy.

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