Oscar Barroso Huerta, Marketing Manager for Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente visits SMBA 16

Oscar Barroso Huerta came to visit the Sports MBA 2016 class recently to talk about the professional soccer team just across the international border. Oscar has over twenty years of marketing experience, holds a PhD in Communications and New Technologies, and is also a professor at University of California San Diego. He talked to the class about the great opportunity he has to build the Club Tijuana soccer brand in Mexico, the United States, and internationally through digital and social media marketing.
Oscar informed the class that Club Tijuana sits just twenty minutes from the international border and is the premier soccer team for the San Diego region, as well for all of Baja California, Mexico. Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente, or “Xolos” for short, offers an exciting brand of soccer that appeals to Mexican and American fans alike. They pride themselves on being the team without borders, “Un Equipo sin Fronteras” and regularly selling out the stadium, unlike many teams in Mexico. Luckily for the class, he also extended a warm invitation to visit the stadium in Tijuana. As a bonus, he extended an invitation to help on some new marketing initiatives for the Xolos in the United States, a fantastic opportunity that a group of students eagerly accepted.
A special thanks to Oscar Barroso for visiting SMBA ’16, because together we are a team without borders, #wearesoccer, we are one Xolo nation.