Sports MBA Podcast: 2/22/13 – Sports Business Roundtable

Host Adam John (San Diego State Sports MBA Candidate 2014) welcomes fellow classmates Dom Lucq, Jasmine McGee, Patrick Coghlan and Walter Franco to discuss a variety of topics in this Sports Business Roundtable. Topics include: the real value of the Dodgers TV deal, Maryland/Rutgers moving to the Big 10, Tennessee Athletic Department financial woes and Cisco’s StadiumVision Mobile product.


NBA Trade Deadline Breakdown from a Fiscal Perspective

There once was a time in the NBA when trades were consummated based on the merits of the players on the court.

However, due to escalating salaries and complicated trade rules, the financial aspect often overshadows the talent aspect of deals made in the Association.

First off, teams above the luxury tax can only trade for players making no more than 125 percent of the outgoing salary plus $100,000, per Larry Coon’s CBA FAQ. Teams over the salary cap but under the luxury tax face similar but less restrictive rules, and teams under the salary cap can take on as much salary as they want up to the cap limit. Continue reading “NBA Trade Deadline Breakdown from a Fiscal Perspective”

Jasmine McGee: SMBA ’14 Student of the Week

Editor’s Note: Each week we will publish an interview with the SMBA ’14 Student of the Week (there will be a few a week to start since we are behind). The winner of the Student of the Week (awarded by the previous winner) sits in the front row of class and proudly displays a flag of his or her choice on the famous Tez statue.

Walter Franco: Aside from a future career in the sports business industry, what do you expect to gain from your time in the SDSU Sports MBA program?Jasmine McGee

Jasmine McGee: I am hoping to gain a competitive advantage in the workforce through my relationships that I will build with my classmates. I think it is important to build solid relationships with everyone.

WF: You had a lot of leadership experience at Georgetown University while you completed your undergraduate degrees. What skills can you apply while you’re in the program and beyond?

JM: At Georgetown, I learned a lot about various leadership styles that will help me lead by example during this program. I also developed the ability to work with different types of people; I think this is important to be able to adapt to different personalities and backgrounds and to do your best to learn from those people and their experiences. Being able to work in groups with people, whether you like them or not, is a very important skill to have because you will forever be integrated into different groups of people within the workforce. Continue reading “Jasmine McGee: SMBA ’14 Student of the Week”

SMBA ’14 Volunteers at Farmers Insurance Open

Back in January at the start of our program, the SMBA ’14 class had the opportunity to volunteer at the Farmers Insurance Open located at the beautiful Torrey Pines Golf Course.  Tiger, Phil, and all our favorite golfers were on hand to compete in this PGA event. Torrey Pines could not have provided a more scenic location, overlooking the Pacific Ocean in beautiful La Jolla, Calif. With just two days of orientation under our belt, we were thrown into the world of golf.  Our class worked as hospitality ambassadors, tweet caddies, and standard bearers during the tournament, gaining great experience and a chance to bond with our new classmates.

Torrey Pines Golf Course

As hospitality ambassadors, SMBA ’14 members worked in hospitality venues, assisting patrons with their questions as well as maintaining crowd volume with quiet signs. We worked at various locations, including the Grey Goose Lounge, the 16th fairway, The Tilted Kilt, and the 18th green.  While working in the hospitality venues, we met some great people, and also watched some fantastic golf.
Tweet Caddies

There were nine lucky students chosen for the role of tweet caddy.  Steve, Samantha, Stephanie, Mathan, Alyse, Carlos, Michael, Johnson and Jasmine roamed around Torrey Pines snapping photos of people enjoying the event.  They captured pictures of fans taking part in the tournament attractions, such as the Rickie Fowler Fan Experience and the Porsche Trophy Club, and then sent them to a tournament official to post on the Farmers Insurance Open Twitter and Facebook pages.

Dwayne as standard bearer

The final round was extended to Monday due to poor visibility on Saturday, providing our class with an extra day to volunteer at the Farmers Insurance Open. As a result of limited volunteers on Monday, several SMBAs worked as scorers and standard bearers during the final round.  Walking inside the ropes with a group of professional golfers was an amazing experience, one I will remember for quite some time.  For the SMBA ’14 class, the Farmers Insurance Open provided us with valuable experience and networking opportunities, as well as time to get to know one another during the first few days of our year-long journey together.