Know Your Opponent: Boise State

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Where the Broncos struggle

The Broncos have been a sieve on defense, allowing opponents to shoot an effective field goal percentage of 51.9%. San Diego State isn’t exactly the Showtime Lakers when it comes to field goal percentage, but they should be able to score on this defense.

Where they are strongest

The Broncos clean the glass with a defensive rebounding rate of 75.4% that ranks third in the entire nation. Boise State’s best chance at pulling an upset comes from destroying SDSU on the backboards.

Boise State’s Season to Date

  • Wins (Team Rank is from

No. 149 Texas Southern (81-63)
No. 182 Oakland (88-80)
No. 230 Louisiana Lafayette (63-57)
No. 211 UC Santa Barbara (72-56)
at No. 15 Creighton (83-70)
at No. 228 Seattle (87-64)
No. 120 Louisiana St. (89-70)
No. 179 Idaho (78-68)
No. 345 New Orleans (67-51) – neutral
NR Corban (105-49)
at No. 169 Texas Arlington (64-46)
NR Walla Walla (106-39)
at No. 62 Wyoming (63-61)
No. 147 Fresno St. (74-67)
No. 24 Nevada Las Vegas (77-72)

  • Losses

at No. 17 Michigan St. (74-70)
at No. 128 Utah (76-55)
No. 42 New Mexico (79-74 OT)
at No. 83 Air Force (91-80)
at No. 146 Nevada (75-59)
at No. 16 Colorado St. (77-57)

Average Score, Boise State vs. Top 75: Opponent 72.2, Boise State 70.7 (-1.5)
Average Score, Boise State vs. Top 76-150: Opponent 73.7, Boise State 73 (-0.7)
Average Score, Boise State vs. Top 151-250: Opponent  61.8, Boise State 75 (13.2)
Average Score, Boise State vs. Top 251+: Opponent 44, Boise State 105.5 (61.5)

Keys to the Game

The health of Xavier Thames (lower back strain) and Chase Tapley (moderate right wrist strain) will be critical to the Aztecs’ success. SDSU should win this game, but it might be closer than we all hope.


SDSU wins this game. It won’t be decided early. Boise State hangs around, but the Aztecs prevail. The final score: SDSU 70 BSU 63

We believe that we will blog

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Yet the reason so many of us were attracted to this program is because along with providing a base of traditional MBA knowledge, this SMBA program lets us indulge our inner sports nerd with class discussions put in sports terms that we can better understand and opportunities to immerse ourselves in this industry that we all love so much.

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