Red Bull Air Race Returns to San Diego


San Diego is an epicenter of sports and sporting events. The events cover a wide variety sports and the city frequently hosts events which fall well outside of the traditional sports arena / park.

This weekend the Red Bull Air Race tour returned to San Diego for the first time since 2009. The weekend was full of tricks, turns, and speeds which are, frankly, hard to conceptualize / understand from the ground. The sky was the standard California bright blue and the sun was as expected, shining!

As we progress through the Sports MBA program, it’s clear that from now on, we can never attend sports events without a critical eye! Everything we have learnt so far adds an element of question, inquiry, and evaluation when we attend these events. Being based in San Diego, this gives us endless valuable opportunities to put our knowledge to the test and allows us to expand our learning in the real outside environment, not just the classroom.