Rekha Poornima Aramuthu: Student of the Week

Rekha Poornima Aramuthu – a B.M.S.C.E., Bangalore, India alum – was chosen as Student of the Week for taking initiative and volunteering at an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico. In the classroom Rekha is continually sharing her insight and knowledge about business affairs in India to provide a different vantage point for the cohort.

Rekha SOTWWhat have you learned so far in your Sports MBA experience that has helped prepare you for working as a manager in the sports industry?

The course curriculum is highly sophisticated and has helped me learn different aspects of a business through different lenses.

However, my learning through the program extends beyond what is taught in the classroom. I like the application of what we’ve learned by using lessons on real life projects, which is a great value add. It is a privilege to have guest speakers from different industries address our class periodically. They bring great value with their expertise and experience.

What has been your favorite ___ and why?

Class: I enjoyed the statistics course because I have an affinity for numbers. Also, quantitative subjects are easy for me to grasp. However, the statistics course is beyond just manipulating numbers, it provides some invaluable tools one can use to make some predictions and interpret data. This course helped set the baseline for material applied in courses such as Operations Management, Finance, Market Research and Analytics.

Faculty Member: Dr. Lackritz made the complex statistical concepts comprehensible to a class that was not entirely exposed to mathematics before the course, which I think is challenging. He did a fantastic job of conveying the methods and the significance of the course to us. The applications of the assignments to the sports industry was spot on and that made the problems fun to work with.

Guest Lecturer:  Steve Gera (SMBA ’07). The leadership module encompassing the LRC is invaluable. This is not limited to the actual activity itself but the the entire process of understanding leadership through various sports examples. The peer evaluation is a good way to embrace one’s strengths and also utilize the constructive feedback to grow as an individual.

Outside of Class Experience:  The Dominican Republic trip is an absolute eye opener with respect to how talent development and recruitment is executed in the country. It is of high interest to me because I think the investments made by the MLB teams to recruit talent from the DR can be translated to developmental sports academies in India in different spheres.

Consulting Project: I am currently working on a Market Research consulting project with Pro Kids which is aimed at increasing revenue. The ultimate outcome is to make recommendations that are data driven. This is highly interesting because it expects one to narrow down on a business problem, find solutions, and have substantial data to back up that the solution that actually solves the identified problem. This requires balancing the macro and micro view of the problem, which is challenging.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I would like to be in business development, either expanding a line of a domestic business or taking the brand/organization international. I would like to also be responsible for a new line of business. I ultimately see myself being instrumental in the business and strategic plans for an organization.

What area of sports interests you most?

I am looking forward to the analytics course in the fall because there is so much data that is collected about players, organizations and just about anything under the sun. It would be interesting to translate the data for people to comprehend and convey the meaning of the data as opposed to just laying out statistics. For a lack of a better analogy, like telling a story with numbers.

Since the start of the program, what has made the biggest impact thus far?

I had minimal knowledge about business and its terms prior to this course but now when I read an income statement I can understand the purpose of it. Events will never be the same again. Marketing and sponsorship activations are what catches my eye when I’m at events now as opposed to when I started out as a spectator. I have also seen how surveys use the data collected to make decisions. Lastly, the Wall Street Journal is not as intimidating!

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