Ronda Sedillo – San Diego Padres – Senior VP, CFO

Ronda Sedillo visited the SMBA ’15 classroom last week and spoke candidly with the cohort about the business side of the San Diego Padres. Ronda’s lecture included:

• The Padres relationship with the City of San Diego
• The challenging financing matrix that enables cities and teams to combine assets (and a lot                    of debt) to build new stadiums for professional sports teams
• Growth opportunities for the Padres
• Revenue structure of the MLB and how the Padres fit in to the overall structure
• Major expenses and material costs
• Relationship with Third Party Service Contractors

In addition to speaking about the unique business of the Padres, Ronda discussed the corporate side of preparing financial statements for public companies, job opportunities in finance and accounting, and the importance of persistence in the pursuit of your goals in life.

Thank you Ronda for taking the time out of your day to enrich our learning opportunities! Attending a Padres game will never be the same – we will forever be observing operations and analyzing what we see as better educated Sports MBA students, as well as enjoying the game as fans of the home team.

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