San Diego Hall of Champions

The San Diego Hall of Champions is the nation’s largest multi-sport museum and an important part of San Diego heritage. On February 21st, 2017, the 71st Annual Salute to the Champions was held at the Town & Country Hotel. This annual event celebrates the incredible local athletes of the past & present, and embraces the San Diego community via celebration of sport. Past inductees to the Hall of Champions include Ted Williams, Tony Gwynn, Bill Walton, and Tony Hawk.

This year, Nick Hardwick, Johnny Ritchey, and Candice Wiggins were all inducted into the Hall of Champions. Additional awards and recognitions were presented for the following categories:

∙ Professional Stars of the Year
∙ Amateur Stars of the Year
∙ Significant Achievement
∙ Challenged Athlete of the Year
∙ Lifetime Achievement
∙ Community Champion
∙ Ernest H. Wright Humanitarian Award
∙ Stars of the Month

The award winners represented a variety of sports over a range of ages, reinforcing the positive influence of sport.

The Breitbard Athletic Foundation was founded in 1946 to recognize significant athletic achievement in San Diego. Additionally, the Foundation promotes and facilitates involvement in sports throughout the San Diego community, including via the RBI (Restoring Baseball in Inner Cities) initiative (in partnership with the San Diego Padres), the MCRD Junior Sockers League (in partnership with the Marine Corps Recruit Depot and the San Diego Sockers), and the annual San Diego Sheriff’s Champions Camp.

Pictured: Forrest Lockwood (SMBA ’18), Emma Black (SMBA ’18), and Mandy Chatigny (SMBA ’17) Photo credit: San Diego Hall of Champions Twitter (@HallOfChampions)

The students who volunteered at this event had the opportunity to meet some impressive individuals and listen to some remarkable speeches, while helping the show run smoothly (almost too smoothly). This event helped to reinforce and remind us of the significant history and breadth of the San Diego sports culture, and the connection to the community fostered by participation in local sports!

Post by Emma Black (SMBA ’18) and Forrest Lockwood (SMBA ’18)