Say hi to la ‘Comadre’

Filled with energy, spunk, and never ending compassion, Kristina Wedseltoft takes the cake as the latest Student of the Week. Kristina’s warm personality has made her a favorite student amongst her fellow SMBA peers, as she makes it a point to reach out and check in with each student on an individual basis. Her kindness was further showcased back in June, on the trip to the Dominican Republic, as she did not let the country’s language barrier hold her back in learning not only about MLB operations but in also improving her Spanish speaking skills. Outside of the classroom, Kristina has been hard at work as she holds a position with the San Diego Padres working on their fan loyalty “Compadres” program, as well as, a marketing internship with SDSU Athletics. These commitments along with her classroom responsibilities still aren’t enough for Kristina as she as continued to take on other volunteer opportunities such as MLB All Star Fan Fest and San Diego Special Olympics. No matter what Kristina decides to tackle, she does so with dedication, a positive attitude, and a smile.

Congratulations Kristina!



Hometown: Pasadena, CA

Undergraduate Degree: B.A. Communications || University of California, San Diego

Age: 26

Favorites Sports Teams: The Los Angeles Dodgers & The Cincinnati Bengals

Favorite Sport(s) to Play: Hiking, kayaking, volleyball

Favorite Sports Movie: “The Bad News Bears,” it’s a classic.

What made you choose SDSU’s Sports MBA program?:

When I decided I wanted to work in the sports industry, I knew I needed to have a quality that set me apart from the competition. That is when I decided the education I would receive through the SDSU Sports MBA would make me stand out to potential employers. I also liked the small class size because I knew that it would provide a more hands-on experience and a closer relationship with my fellow classmates.

What has been your most memorable experience so far in the SMBA program?:

My most memorable experience has definitely been the Dominican Republic. I love sports because it is an equalizer as language or ethnicity don’t matter. We can all connect around sports. It was great to interact with the children and see their bright eyes as they talked about what they wanted to be when they grew up. It was also great being able to play the sports that were popular among the Dominican Republic youth community. With community relations being my ultimate career goal, this was a great way to experience the support a community can provide. I sincerely hope to make it back one day and visit all the people I met.

What do you hope to achieve while you’re a student in this program personally?:

Overall I hope to achieve a greater understanding of the business world. Coming from a liberal arts background, I don’t always look at situations with a business mentality but have found that is extremely important as sports is a business. I ultimately want to be able to make big picture business decisions with complete confidence before leaving the program so I can do the same in my career.

So far, what is your favorite class, and why?:

I really liked the unit Shana Ferguson taught about global marketing. Sometimes it can be so easy to glance over a marketing strategy as it can be the template for every market. But we have to remember that is not always so. But my favorite class taught in its entirety is finance with Frank Ryan, mainly because I thought it would be my least favorite but I have actually enjoyed learning about the time value of money.

What’s your advice for anyone who’s attempting to be the next ‘Student of the Week’?:

My advice would to just be yourself and keep working hard. Everyone in this program knows how many hours of work and dedication is required, so just keep thinking “you got this.” Don’t be afraid to step up and get a little out of your comfort zone. But ultimately I would say don’t expect it, Student of the Week is one of those instances that works when the timing is right and others take notice of your hard work.