SDSU Business Analytics Industry Showcase

On March 3rd 2017, the SDSU Fowler College of Business hosted a Business Analytics Industry Showcase.  An impressive panel of three alumni guest speakers presented about various analytics roles, career paths, and their first-hand experiences.

Tim Chan (Senior Product Manager at FICO) discussed ongoing trends in the analytics industry and the growth he sees coming in the field. With more people beginning to focus on this niche area, he is of the opinion that decisions will begin to be more and more data-driven and therefore more executives will be required to understand data analytics.

SMBA ’12 alumna, Kate Bartkiewicz (Co-Founder of, gave insightful advice on how to communicate with clients regarding data results, as well as suggesting some common industry software that we should start familiarizing ourselves with. Kate mentioned that one of the most important things that has taken her so far in her career is being able to develop trust with her clients; transparency above all else.

Ron Brillantes (Business Analyst at Rady Children’s Hospital) spoke in depth about many practical skills necessary to succeed in business analytics, including several programming languages (SQL, MySQL, R, Oracle Database), tips on conversing with data analysts, and tools for formatting and harvesting data. Ron also discussed how important it is for Data Analysts to maintain the voice of their customer throughout all decisions. He believes it is crucial to ensure every analysis creates a benefit to the customer.

Students who attended this event had the opportunity to ask questions during a Q&A portion of the lecture and to network with the panel. This event was invaluable to anyone interested in learning the skills needed to further a career in business analytics and understanding the importance of analytics in a data-driven society.