SDSU Sports MBA ’16 : The Newest Aztec Basketball Fans

With the intense, rigorous, and nonstop nature of the Sports MBA program, getting an occasional escape from the grind is an absolute necessity. SDSU basketball games are the perfect getaway. Thanks to a close relationship with Aztec Athletics, Sports MBA students don’t have to wait in line for student tickets. With games on campus just steps from the Sports MBA classroom, we’ve even had a pregame tailgate with members of the faculty. This was a great way to get to know the professors who teach in the program. Unlike undergraduate programs, the faculty try to be more like acquaintances rather than superiors, and a tailgate like this is great way to interact with the faculty without the natural hierarchal structure a class.  This, in effect, made the teachers far more approachable on an everyday basis.

The games themselves are absolutely insane. As an LSU graduate, I was accustomed to the rowdy and hostile atmosphere of Death Valley for college football games. Viejas Arena as a college basketball venue isn’t far off from what I was used to. The camaraderie of “The Show” makes for an unrivaled college atmosphere. The sights and sounds from the Ric Flair Woo’s to the creative big heads (a tradition that originated at SDSU) during free throws make it a truly unique experience. Above all, however, is being able to have fun with your cohort while wearing red and black in lieu of the classroom norm of business casual attire.