SMBA ’16 Students Visit Cobra Puma Golf

Recently my fellow classmates Tyler Aubertin, Tim Ryan, and I had the opportunity to visit with one of the premier golf companies in the nation, Cobra Puma Golf (CPG). While there, the three of us had an opportunity to meet with Eric Logan, the COO of CPG, and Joe Shemanski, SDSU Sports MBA alum and Business Intelligence Analyst.

Logan enlightened us with the history of CPG and the overall structure of the company. In addition, he went in-depth into the product life cycle and the efforts they put towards being ahead of the competition from a technology and design standpoint. CPG is also a very international company; Logan explained to us the 24 hour day to day operations between all of their offices all over the world, making CPG an “an organization that never sleeps” (Logan). Besides the company itself, Logan told us about his path and what is takes to work at a C level position.

Shemanski, the aforementioned alum, talked to us about his time in the SDSU Sports MBA Program and how he has been able to leverage some of the knowledge he has gained from the program to, not only gain a position at CPG, but to also perform his everyday tasks of forecasting demand for various clubs and products.

To top it all off, we then took a tour of the facility, including the factory where the clubs are actually made. This perspective into one of the top golf companies was unique and eye opening even for someone who isn’t a golf fan (like me). More than the knowledge gained, the opportunity to spend a few hours with the COO of one of the most notable golf companies to talk golf is a great experience for anyone trying to break into the sports industry or just loves sports in general.