SMBA Students Compete in NFL Case Competition

SDSU Students at NFL Case Competition

Recommend a product or program that will drive growth to the NFL Media.

That was the prompt for the NFL Case Competition. Standing before a panel of nine judges – ranging from professors to the Vice President of NFL Media – our group (Michelle Alipio, Claire Kooperman, Cody Thomas and Luke Willardson) presented its recommendation in the NFL Network’s soundstage where they film NFL AM. Our basis was that if more fans were educated to understand the game of football, then more fans would want to invest into the NFL brand.
NFL Case Competition

Six teams from USC, UCLA, UC-Berkley and SDSU presented various recommendations from making fantasy football easier to a reality show following NFL player’s mothers. Each team had a maximum of 12 minutes to present its recommendation and then had eight minutes to answer questions from the panel of judges.

When our team was prepping the day before, we practiced handing off a clicker for the PowerPoint presentation, answering sample questions and determining what each of us were going to say. There are always variables that you cannot account for. For instance, we did not know how the room would be set up and how far away the judges would be from us, and the fact that we would be required to use a microphone.

The morning at the NFL Media headquarters in Los Angeles. was a learning experience for every single one of us. We were not just watching other teams present their case; we had to prepare our own case and then explain our thought process in a way that could be understood by every judge. We were essentially pleading our case. The point of the day was to take an abstract idea and make it a viable product or program that the NFL could use in real life by using concepts learned in the classroom and real life.

After the judges deliberated, UC-Berkley was named the winner of the Case Competition with their recommendation of a new program to the NFL Network covering the NFL games in London. Each team brought a unique perspective to the table making the time spent at the NFL Media Headquarters a great learning experience.