Stance Socks: Off The NBA Court

We have known for over two years that Nike will be the new official uniform provider of the NBA starting next season. They will be taking over from adidas, the current supplier. Lisa Piken Koper, the NBA’s Vice President of Global Partnerships, did a quick interview with Brett Pollakoff of Fox Sports talking about the upcoming uniform switch. The interview was posted on June 5.

One thing stood out to me, and several other uniform critics (i.e. nerds). Here is the notable quote from Koper:

Stance will continue to be a partner from a licensing perspective, and will have rights to bring lifestyle socks to retail. But Nike will be the on-court sock starting next season.”


Stance is a sock and apparel company based here in Southern California, San Clemente specifically. They are known for their creative designs in both the athletic and lifestyle spaces.  The company also has a contract as the official on-field sock of the MLB. They were able to spice up the NBA’s sock game from their former drab all black or white socks. The team colors and original designs gave the NBA players’ ankles much more character.

Will this switch from Stance to Nike socks lead us from a technicolor display  back to the stone age of black-and-white stockings? Don’t fret. Uniform nerds across the Twitter-verse and blogosphere will keep you updated.