Steph Curry and the Garden: Oh What A Night

If you haven’t heard by now, Steph Curry treated the New York Knicks defense like a YMCA team last night. Curry scored a NBA season high, and new career high, 54 points on 28 shots, including a ridiculous 11 of 13 from beyond the arc.

For the sake of brevity and not bogging you down with statistical jargon, we just wanted to give you a quick breakdown of just how amazing this game was.

Prior to Wednesday’s game, Curry was shooting 44.62% from beyond the arc, averaging a little over three makes per game on slightly over seven attempts per game.

Curry attempted 13 three-point shots against the Knicks. This is not that amazing of a statistic as it fall approximately 2.25 standard deviations from the seven-attempt average. On a given night this may have a small chance of happening, but over the course of the season it is not surprising that Curry would attempt 13 three-point shots in a single game because he does take a lot of them (which he should because in this author’s opinion he is the league’s best pure shooter). In fact, this wasn’t even Curry’s season high; he attempted 14 against the Thunder and only made three of them. He has also attempted 13 once before and he made eight of them against his hometown Charlotte Bobcats.

The statistically amazing part of the Knicks game was that he made 11 threes. Curry averages a little over three makes per game, so 11 makes is about 4 standard deviations away from the mean. There is an extremely small chance he can make 11 threes in a game, regardless of attempts. How small you ask? He was one three away from the all-time NBA single game record and he got the record for most threes in a loss (did I mention the Warriors lost? No, because this is all about Steph’s moment in the Garden).

In summary, the probability Steph Curry would do what he did from distance was extremely small. When you turned on the TV to watch the game, you had exactly a .333 percent chance of seeing Curry make 11 of 13 from deep. Pretty much the same chance he had of doing any damage to Roy Hibbert in the scuffle the night before.

It seems like just in time for March, Steph is getting his Davidson mojo back. Just like in the NCAA tournament, no one on the court was going to stop him on Wednesday night.