Student of the Week: Armaan Ahluwalia

Armaan Ahluwalia – a Dalhousie University alumnus – receives Student of the Week honors for his outstanding participation and engagement with the San Diego State SMBA faculty inside and outside of the classroom. The Winnipeg native has done an outstanding job recently of e-mailing professors outside articles that relate to class topics to help provide timely and relevant real-life examples to the course work being taught in the classroom.


Armaan Ahluwalia (left) was selected as the new Student of the Week for his outstanding engagement with the professors.


Since the start of the program, what has made the biggest impact thus far?

It seems like just yesterday that it was January and we were starting the year as the tenth cohort. Time flies when you’re having fun and working hard. That’s one way that I could sum up the year so far. It’s been a lot of hard work, but lots of great times and amazing experiences along the way. It’s hard to drill down on one experience that has been my favourite part this year because there has been so many. It could be the fantastic group of teachers leading the classes that we’ve had throughout the year, all with their own way of engaging us and providing us with great challenges or it could be the consistent flow of industry leading guest speakers and alums giving us words of wisdom and advice for when we start our journey.

What advice would you give a prospective student looking to apply to the SDSU SMBA?

If I could give a prospective student who’s looking to apply to the Sports Business MBA program at SDSU advice it would be this: go in with an open mind. Within one week of being in the program I learned how much there is to the business side of sports. Besides that, being open to discussions in class is key, and I have found I’ve learned a lot as well from my classmates.

What has been your favorite class since the program began?

Now that we’ve started the last semester, I think I can comfortably say that my favourite class this year has been Professor Scott Rosner’s class. His two-week class was one of my favourites as we really got down into the business of sports and had some amazing discussions. While that was my favourite, I’ve also enjoyed my time in Marketing with Dr. Dalakas, Finance with Professor Ryan, and Marketing Strategy with Dr. Belch. The high quality of professors in the program has really exceeded my high expectations.

When searching for grad schools, what was something that stood out to you about SDSU’s Sports MBA?

When I was in my final year of undergrad, the idea of doing an MBA had crossed my mind and I found the SDSU Sports MBA program online. I had requested some information from a current student and just a few hours later a fellow Canadian responded. That led to a visit to the campus in person at an open house, where I was sold on the program and what it could offer me.

After the program, in what area of sports would you like to be involved?

With all of the great guests and speakers, I’ve learned about the unlimited possibilities within sports industry that are available. I’m currently interested in pursuing a career path in the corporate partnerships, activation, marketing or event management areas within sport.