Student of the Week: Caroline Bartolome

caroline sow

Caroline Bartolome – a Cal State Fullerton alum – is one of the only students currently working full time while still actively taking part in the 10th cohort of SMBA. Tez was passed on in appreciation of Caroline’s efforts in creating a class gift for Jennifer Bulcao, as well as her consistent assistance to classmates when it comes to studying and test preparations.

How has your previous work/internship experience prepared you for this program?

I have a lot of experience in a lot of different fields. I hate to be cliché’, but my current job requires me to be a “jack of all trades” because I deal with everything from administrative tasks, operations and logistics to program implementation of youth programs specializing in outdoor recreation and sustainability.  My experience working as an athletic training intern during my undergrad and leading various outdoor excursions/events has given me a lot of experience performing and excelling in situations where I had to think quickly and adjust accordingly. These experiences have helped prepare me for this program because we have to be flexible and professional both inside and outside of the classroom.

Who is your favorite professor (Dr.)/lecturer/guest speaker?

We’ve had a lot of great speakers so far, but my favorite thus far has definitely been Steve Gera. Steve visited our class early on in the semester and I found his take on leadership as well as his performance model extremely interesting. It helped reassure me that I was meant to pursue the path I was on because things had changed so vastly and quickly during the time leading up to being admitted to the tenth cohort up until school started.

After the program, what area of sports would you like to be involved in?

I eventually want to run and own a high performance mixed martial arts gym, because participating in Jiu Jitsu has had a great impact on my life. But as the semester continues, I’ve been exposed to different avenues of sports business that I am interested in pursuing. Being able to sit down and talk to Michael Rolnick who visited SMBA ’15 to help us with our resumes helped tailor my focus on possibly pursuing sponsorships based upon my relevant work experience. Talking to Daniel Ehman from GMR Marketing also peaked my interest in potentially pursuing sponsorship/partnerships because of my familiarity with both the corporate and non-profit sides of businesses and partnerships.

What do you think about the trip to the Dominican Republic?

The DR trip was definitely one the things about SMBA that peaked my interest. I’ve worked with the at risk youth demographic here in San Diego for over eight years and I am passionate about providing quality programming and opportunities for them because I was once in their shoes. Without someone taking a chance on me and giving me an opportunity to excel in sports, I wouldn’t be where I am today.