Student of the Week: Cody Thomas

cody sow

Cody Thomas – a University of Georgia alum from Atlanta –  helped produce halftime shows of bowl games and worked as a pricing analyst at 3M prior to coming to the SMBA program. He was selected as “Student of the Week” for actively seeking out potential job opportunities for fellow classmates.

What does it take to be “Student of the Week”?

It takes going above and beyond just doing what is expected of you. Most of the time the person who has become “Student of the Week” has done something special to help out the other SMBA students.

What area of sports are you interested working in?

I am interested in many areas of sports. These interests keep growing as we continue to have great guest speakers come in to talk to us. Most of my focus however is in the outdoor and action sports market. I love the outdoors and my hobbies include mountain biking and surfing, so this industry is a perfect fit for me.

When searching for grad schools, what was something that stood out to you about SDSU’s SMBA?

The involvement that previous SMBA students continue to take in the program was a big draw for me. With so many successful people coming from this program I am happy they take such an interest in helping out the current SMBA students.

How have you adjusted since coming from (previous state, county, city)?

It has been really tough actually. Getting used to having perfect weather all the time has been terrible. No, my wife and I love it here in San Diego. We moved here from Salt Lake City, so when our friends and family tell us how cold it is there we can’t help but brag a little.

What are you hoping to gain from the program?

I am hoping to of course gain new skills and knowledge from the classes, but I look forward to the friendships that I’ll keep after the program is over. We have such a great group this year I look forward to seeing what everyone does in their future careers.