Student of the Week: Diana Talpos

Diana Talpos – a University of California San Diego alum – is Student of the Week for her contributions before and during the class trip to the Dominican Republic. Diana was instrumental in arranging donations for children in the DR and her willingness to translate and speak for the class in Spanish.

SOTW Diana TalposWhat made you decide to go to graduate school for an MBA?

I decided to get an MBA because I believe it is one of the few degrees out there that can provide you with the tools and experiences that enable you to play a significant role in a wide array of areas. Unlike other degrees, an MBA can qualify you to have multiple areas of expertise and act as a problem solver in many different facets.

Who is your favorite professor(Dr.)/lecturer/guest speaker?
I’ve really enjoyed Dr. Reinig’s Operations Management class because he structures his class so that we are given time to learn and apply models in Excel and other programs that are extremely relevant to analytics and business in general. Dr. Reinig is also a great professor because he brings a positive attitude to every lecture and makes certain that as a class we are all comfortable with the material. His enthusiasm for teaching is highly evident, just ask him about World Cup soccer and the poisson distribution!
What do you think about the trip to the DR?
The trip to the DR was an experience that offered the class countless opportunities to engage with and learn about the communities that we visited.  I’m sure if you ask any student, some of the most memorable times were spent playing with kids and interacting with Dominicans.  The trip also provided an inside look into the Dominican baseball system and how different academies and the MLB are making a lasting impression both in the game and in the community. For me, the most enriching part of the trip was experiencing the warm culture and learning first hand about the challenges facing the DR. The nation still has a long way to go in terms of building credible institutions that will promote education and economic development, and I was really inspired by some of the initiatives that have been taken on by organizations such as Banco BHD, Alta Gracia the MLB.
What area of sports interests you most?
I am most interested in becoming involved with intellectual property business transactions within sports, either with leagues, franchises or with unique product/equipment development.

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