Student of the Week: Erica Luster

Erica Luster – a San Diego State University alum – is recognized as Student of the Week for her hard work and high level of involvement during the summer session, as she has taken the initiative to be a leader in class discussions and group projects. In addition to her high involvement and efforts in class, Erica has shown the willingness to help her peers. SOTW: Erica Luster

What has been your favorite class since the program began?

One of my favorite classes since the program started was Organizational Behavior with Dr. Amy Randel. I enjoyed learning about the essential components of a successful organization, from creating a vision statement to having a fair employee rewards system. I really enjoyed this class because we worked on group consulting projects for locally based businesses based upon our interests in the sports industry. This class was helpful in better understanding group dynamics and evaluating organizations, both of which are valuable assets that MBA’s can benefit from when moving forward in our careers.

What does it take to excel in the classroom?

In order to excel in the classroom a student needs to be a professional, whether it be arriving to class on time, dressing for success or sitting attentively to guest speakers. In addition, a student should possess time management skills and be able to collaborate with others. Class participation is also essential.

What do you hope to do after the program?

After the program I hope to work with analytics and e-commerce in the action sports industry and the stand up paddle boarding community. I believe there are many job opportunities in this field because the use of analytics is quickly rising among the sports business industry

What are you hoping to gain from the program and why did you want an MBA?

I chose to pursue my MBA because of the versatility of the degree, as it applies to a wide variety of industries and careers. Although my background in mathematics has helped with the quantitative portions of the program, I hope to expand my skill set and broaden my knowledge base. My goal is take what I am learning from the program and transition from being a teacher to having a successful career in the sports industry. While not having an undergraduate degree in Business or in a business field has been challenging, I am growing as a person and learning a tremendous amount from both the professors and my peers in the cohort.