Student of the Week: Gary Kavy


Gary Kavy, a San Diego native and graduate of UC Santa Barbara, was recognized as this week’s “Student of the Week.” Gary has been very willing to offer a helping hand to his classmates as they look for volunteer and networking opportunities.  This past week he reached out to Cheryl Smith-Lemox, the senior vice president at Integrated Sports Marketing, and passed along to his classmates both volunteering and internship opportunities. 

What does it take to excel in the classroom?

Excelling in the classroom is not a simple task.  It requires working hard, organizing your workload, prioritizing assignments, working with others, and understanding the styles of each teacher so you can get the most out of each class.

What does it take to be student of the week?

Being student of the week requires you to step up and do something that will benefit the class as a whole.  It may be organizing a study group, tutoring other students in a subject you are strong in, or in my case, helping students network and obtain good volunteer experience.

What is your favorite part of the program thus far?

No doubt, the cohort experience has been my favorite part of the program so far.  With the program being so intensive, we spend a great deal of time with each other both inside and outside of the classroom.  The 30 students in this cohort all have similar interests and aspirations, yet different experiences and perspectives that help each of us become more well-rounded and think in new ways.  We all have not only a professional relationship, but are developing lifelong friendships as well.

What made you decide to go to graduate school for an MBA?

My decision to go to graduate school for an MBA was based on how competitive the sports industry has become.  To make it in the industry, you need to separate yourself from the people competing for the same jobs.  I knew that an MBA, particularly this program at SDSU, would help me accomplish this.  This program really focuses on preparing each of us to be as successful as possible.  It is not just the letters MBA that are attached to our names, but more importantly, a vastly improved skill set and vastly expanded network.

What has been your favorite class since the program began?

Each class thus far has been very fun and interactive, although if I had to choose one I would select Sports Business with Prof. Rosner as my favorite. Prof. Rosner is not only incredibly intelligent and funny, but also has an plethora of unique experiences that he references in class to help us understand and remember the concepts he is teaching.