Student of the Week: Jason Ju

Jason Ju – an Occidental College alum from Orange County – is “Student of the Week” for his contributions to class conversations while always sharing great article postings. Jason recently had the chance to present sponsorship activations to the Anaheim Ducks along with other classmates.10401910_10152466755849216_5735110043380406277_n

What has been your favorite class since the start of the program?

Definitely, statistics with Dr. Jim Lackritz. I’ve always been a ‘numbers-kind-of-guy’ and valued the skills that I’ve learned in his class. Besides the fact that Dr. Lackritz is a great professor (not to mention one of the founding fathers of the SDSU Sports MBA program), his enthusiasm for the class and the material served as a memorable experience. I look forward to utilizing the skills and analytic concepts that I’ve learned in his statistics class throughout my future career.

Since the start of the program, what has made the biggest impact so far?

The cohort environment has been a great experience and has been the biggest impact for me so far. I’ve had the privilege to work with, sit down and talk to all of my peers in the cohort. Given the unique dynamic of the class, with many of us coming from different backgrounds, I continue to learn new things every day.  As we prepare to leave for the DR in a week, I am looking forward to building stronger bonds with my peers.

What do you hope to gain from the trip to the DR?

With less than a week away from our Dominican Republic trip, the class has taken time to prepare and reflect on what to expect and what we can gain. Personally, I look forward to seeing the impact of baseball on the Dominican culture and society. As a big fan of baseball, I hope to gain a new perspective on not only the sport itself, but also the business of baseball. While I don’t speak much Spanish, I am looking forward to the opportunity to interact with the local Dominican communities. It’ll be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I am beyond excited for it.

After the program, what area of sports would you like to be involved in?

I am looking forward to being involved with the Olympics, especially in light of the upcoming 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. However, I am equally open to working in professional baseball or basketball. Given that working for a professional sports franchise is highly competitive and difficult, I am also open to being involved in other capacities, such as working for agencies or other notable brands that are officially partnered with the respective sports properties.

Why SDSU SMBA over other Sport/MBA programs?

Besides the great location and weather in San Diego, the appeal of the MBA program stood out to me. As SDSU SMBA students, we will graduate with a MBA degree, but the fact that the program is fully immersed in the sports industry and specifically geared towards sports was the kicker for me. I was excited to not only further my education as an individual and professional, but also leverage my lifelong passion for sports.