Student of the Week: Kimberly Ferrer

Each week a student is selected as “Student of the Week.” This week, Kimberly Ferrer was selected for helping coordinate group projects, creating a class Facebook page and eagerly helping fellow students with their studies. She recently answered questions from previous Student of the Week, Alex West.

Kimberly Ferrer

When searching for grad schools, what was something that stood out about the SDSU Sports MBA program that made you decide to attend?

There were three things in particular that stood out to me. One was the trip to the Dominican Republic. Not many schools offer a global business experience pertaining to and focusing on the international aspects of sports, let alone a partnership with a sports franchise as SDSU has with the San Diego Padres. This drew my attention to SDSU because I wanted to be able to engage in experience abroad due to my interest to work for the Olympics. The second was the extensive networking opportunities provided by the program with a strong alumni base and guest speakers from top sports companies and industries. And lastly, I would say the actual location of SDSU. It is the heart of many sport teams, events, and companies that provide numerous opportunities for internships, volunteering, and work in the field of sports.

What has made the biggest impact on you so far in the first month of the program?
I would say all 29 other students of Cohort X. Each one of us has our own career goals but are here because of our love and passion to work in sports. To be around such dedicated, determined, and driven individuals, like myself, each and everyday is quite inspiring. Not to mention the alumni who come in to share their stories of success after graduating from the program. It goes to show that the next ten months will be well worth the long hours of studying and sleepless nights.

We have worked on a few projects since school started. What has been your favorite thus far?

I would definitely say the sports partnership case study from Jack Tipton (SMBA ’06). We had three hours to pitch a potential sports partnership activation between a sports brand and an emerging company by incorporating information about the property and prospect, key contact people, and illustrate the synergy for why the particular partnership would work. I really enjoyed it because I have always been interested in sports marketing but wasn’t into the sales side of it. However, I realized through this project that I can be on the fulfillment side of it.

In your opinion, what is one skill that someone looking to go into a sports management career needs to possess?

One skill that I think everyone needs that wants a career in sports management would be strong communication skills. I say this broadly because it essentially touches on aspects, such as teamwork, leadership and people skills, which are all very important for working in sports. It is applicable to much of what any company needs in terms of creating networks, making business deals and sales, and reporting business performances within the actual company.

In five years, what area of sports and/or business do you see yourself in?

Man, this one is a little tough. As of right now, there are a few things I am interested in pursuing, but which one will it be in five years all depends on the opportunities that come along during and after the completion of this program. Ideally, I would like to work in event management/planning, operations, event marketing fulfillment, or community and player relations for a professional team or the Olympics. As of right now there isn’t just one I can choose, because if I could I would do them all!


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