Student of the Week: Morgan Perry

morgan sowWhat does it take to excel in the classroom?

Organization and accountability. These may seem like obvious traits any grad student should have, but when you’re in San Diego, surrounded by perfect weather and about 10 minutes from the beach, it definitely requires a lot of will power to keep your head in the game! In addition to that, community is key. Given our program runs on a cohort system, it’s important for us to help each other and act as personal cheerleaders for one another when we need it most!

After the program, what area of sports would you like to be involved in?

I’d love to be in a marketing position with a team or any position that requires a lot of creativity! Organizing events, designing logos, creating slogans, gameday activities, theme nights etc. I’d love to be able to bring a lot of innovative ideas and see them carried out!

 What area of sports interests you most?

College athletics sparks my interest the most. The passion of the fans and athletes alike is unsurpassed in other areas of sports! I may be a little biased toward my alma mater (go Dogs!), but I’m willing to cede to help another school gain the same passion I have for my teams.

How has your previous work/internship experience prepared you for this program?

I graduated from Fresno State last May, so I was a little worried about starting this program without real work experience. I was fortunate, however, to have had a lot of internships during undergrad with ESPN radio, the SF Giant’s AAA team and Fresno State Athletics. With those internships, I’ve been able to relate a lot of class learning to previous experiences and, in turn, grasped a better understanding of the topics.

When searching for grad schools, what was something that stood out to you about SDSU’s SMBA?

With all my research, I don’t know of any other program with more hands-on experience than this one. With opportunities with the PGA Tour, San Diego Padres, NCAA, US Women’s National Soccer Team, and numerous other sports organizations, there is no competition. The SDSU Sports MBA also caught my attention because of the cohort system. I enjoy our “family-like” atmosphere and love being able to share all of these experiences with 29 of my now close friends. I definitely made the right choice!